Uttarakhand for UKPCS 2024 Prelims

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Why Uttarakhand specific GS is important?

High Weightage in Prelims: Uttarakhand General Studies (GS) holds significant importance for the UKPCS 2024 Exam as it accounts for 33% of the total weightage in the preliminary examination. This equates to a substantial portion of the questions – out of 150 questions in the prelims, a considerable number are dedicated to Uttarakhand GS, emphasizing its critical role in securing a good score and advancing to the mains examination.

Best Selling Uttarakhand Books by Oracle IAS:

  • Uttarakhand GK 2024: The go-to resource for all your general knowledge needs about Uttarakhand. (Click Here details)
  • A Concise History of Uttarakhand by Pawan Pandey: Delve into the past with this detailed account of the state’s history. (Click Here details)
  • Uttarakhand Simplified by Pawan Pandey (Upcoming Release): A simplified guide to the essentials of Uttarakhand, tailored for efficient learning.

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Hemant Bhatt

Hemant Bhatt

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Pawan Pandey