UKPCS Prelims 2024 Full Course

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Classroom Programme for UKPCS Pre 2024 by Oracle IAS, Dehradun

In continuation of our past efforts to aid aspirants in their preparation, this time we would like to present our ‘Uttarakhand PCS PRELIMS 2024’ (online/offline Classes + Ukpcs test series +Uttarakhand PCS crash course) to assist aspirants in covering Uttarakhand PCS Prelims syllabus in a comprehensive and a strategic manner.

This programme would cover the completesyllabus of the  Upper Uttarakhand PCS 2024 exam.


  • Mode : Online and Offiline. All students will have access to  recorded lectures of past classes available at our state-of-the art Learning Management System.

  • Uttarakhand section is the biggest and most important section(50/150 questions) of the exam. We shall have exhaustive coverage of the same so that you score 80-90% in that section.
  • Program will include 225 hours of  lectures online targeted towards helping aspirants to cover Uttarakhand PCS Syllabus. The students may access and download the videos and attempt test series as per there convenience.

  • We would also post concise printed material of around 700 pages for revision purpose which will be helpful in preparation of pre exam.
  • The classroom programme will include everything we offer : lectures, books, material and test series(details below). 

  • The program will also cover Current Affairs  and Uttarakhand Specific GS.

  • Start date : 28 March, 2024 (immediately after Holi)


Dedicated number of study hours per subject are as follows:-


Time Allotted


35 hours

Geography + Environment

35 hours

Science + Computer

35 hours

Polity + Economy

35 hours

Uttarakhand Specific Module

45 hours

Maths + Reasoning + Current Affairs

40 hours

Total Duration

225 hours

Test Series and Practice Questions

  • The test series will have 28 tests(20 subject wise and 8 full length), coverning the entire syllabus.
  • We are also providing 10000+ MCQs pracice questions based quizzes on NCERTs for test series and full course students. These will help you revise two hours daily over a period of 3-4  months.
  • The test series and questions will be on our LMS and will be timed conservatively so that you experience the pressure as in the real exam.
  • Current Affairs PDFs will also be provided with test series.

Study Material & Books for UKPCS Prelims Crash Course 2024

  • We have 2 bestselling books for Pre exam :Uttarakhand 2023 and Uttarakhand Past Papers(MCQs). 
  • The pre exam in Uttarakhand requires a lot of study and it becomes difficult to retain lots of facts without revision. So, we are bringing out a concise revision material of about Booklet hard copy spiral (~600 Pages) to cover the Paper 1 General Studies syllabus and paper 2 CSAT syllabus
  • The study material and books are included in complete course.

Course Information


Hemant Bhatt

Hemant Bhatt

Pawan Pandey

Pawan Pandey